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Blanche de Namur

Type: Top Fermentation
Colour: Pale Organge
Alcohol: 4.5% Bottle: 33cl
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Brasserie Du Bocq has been a family-owned Belgian brewery for more than 150 years and brews a wide range of Belgian-style beers including the well known “La Gauloise”, “St Benoit” and “Saison Regal” brands.

Blanche de Namur is a classic top fermented wheat beer, brewed with wheat, hops and yeast that produces that traditional cloudy appearance. Also added to this brew is orange peel, to give it a citric bitterness, and coriander for that added spicey bite. The overall effect is a very refeshing thirst quenching beer, ideal for those summer days watching sport, or even at the beach. It’s a super beer with food especially poultry, cheeses or seafood, as well as most Asian food. Interestingly Du Bocq recommend this beer be tasted at much colder temperatures (2 – 4oC) than most other beers of this style.

The cloudy appearance of Blanche du Namur is created at low temperature but disappears when the beer gets warmer or when it is kept too long in the cold. Blanche du Namur has a fine fruity fragrance with a scent of the used spice, coriander and bitter orange. A smooth beer, thirst-quenching but mild, slightly acidulous, powdery consistency on the tongue, not bitter.

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