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Brunehaut Blanche (Gluten-Free beer)

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Type: Specialty Grain
Colour: Pale Yellow
Alcohol: 5% Bottle: 33cl
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Brunehaut Blanche (Gluten-Free beer)

Pale yellow colour, bright, exaggerated head, turbulent perlage; nice lace. Pleasant aroma, sweet; white sugar, kiwis, soap, lily, citrus fruits. The first impact is dry, but gets smoother and lightly sweeter just after; fruity, citrus; some astringency remains till the finish. Bitter palate, stronger than the average witbier.

Not only is Bruhehant Blonde a delicious, flavorful gluten-free beer, it’s a well-balanced beer in general. Some consider this award-winning Tripel to be a wonderful step in the right direction for the world of gluten-free beers. Brunehaut Blonde is made with all-organic ingredients which help contribute to its overall crisp and bright character.



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