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Curvée Du Chateau 33 CL

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Type: Double Fermentation & Aged
Colour: Dark
Alcohol: 11% Bottle: 33cl/75cl
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The main idea of Kasteel Brewery when developing Curvée du Château was to produce the ultimate gastronomic beer. A beer that perfectly pairs with most great gastronomic food. The original inspiration came from Kasteel’s own underground cellars, especially the flavour from 10 years old Kasteel Donker. An aged beer that developed those wonderful madeira and port flavours. Aroma is bitter fruit, sour apples, yeast, honey, sour white grapes. Pours a thin brown head that quickly dissipates leaving some bubbles around the rim of the glass. Good lacing. Sour grapes and apples flavor, then moves on to sweeter grape. Some alcohol, but hard to detect through the bold sweetness. Medium body. Slightly syrupy, but porous and fluffy from the moderate carbonation. Warming from the high ABV. Nice and sweet for a quad. Also mildly bitter. Very easy drinking for the style. The grape flavor is unusual yet exceptional.

One tasted Curvee du Chateau will make you want to return for more, time and time again. Possibly you will wonder why all other beer’s are unable to produce this amazing complex finish.


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