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Delirium Red

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Type: Single Fermentation
Colour: Dark Red
Alcohol: 8% Bottle: 33cl
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Deep dark red, pinkish thin head leaves bit lacing. Aroma has mildly fresh berries, cranberries, cherry, quite natural aroma, bit sweet and sour. Good palate, sour-sweet, medium body, soft with mild carbonation, easy to drink, finish has lots berries.

Pouring a dark, red pinkish hue as it forms a tinted, thin head, Delirium Red lets off an aroma of mildly fresh berries, black cherries, and fruit jams. The taste is moderately sweet, featuring some complex flavors of over-ripe cherries and yeast. Delirium Red is of a watery texture with lots of carbonation and a bubbly body.


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