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Floris Apple

Type: Top Fermentation
Colour: Pale Yellow
Alcohol: 3.6% Bottle: 33cl
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Floris Apple has a puffy, snow-white, finger-and-a-half head off the pour, with a chunk of bubbles on top. Pale straw-yellow with a touch of amber-orange as well. The the head settles to a thin white cap a-top the beer, and leaves behind tons of sticky lacing. Sour green apple, acetaldehyde, Belgian yeast, and some musty light malt. The taste is sweet, the first sip is just an explosion of sweet green apples. The finish is a little milder, with a light bready malt and touch of yeast and barley. The aftertaste is lingering fruit sweetness, with a clear focus on apples. The flavor profile is still distinctly beer, with malty undertones and yeast.

There’s a slight sourness, and I mean slight, throughout due to the heavy amount of green apples here. The body feels a little weighed down and syrupy, probably due to the high level of sweetness here. The beer just sparkles with sunshine-light fruitiness. Although there is no hop presence here at all, and some more discriminating palates may consider this beer over-sweetened and artificial feeling.

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