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Floris Passion

Type: Top Fermentation
Colour: Yellow Blond
Alcohol: 3.6% Bottle: 33cl
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The beer has lots of fine bubble carbonation, fraction of a finger of white foam, clear filtered.
Fresh passionfruit all the way. Very fruity, very evident, very floral. Sweet, sour, watery lager/white beer with bubbles, then an aftertaste of great sourness that is totally ripe passionfruit to the core, coating the tongue with its sour coating. Medium body, sour clingy body, moderate fine bubbled carbonation. Great beer. So sour and refreshing on a hot day. Loaded with flavour. Deep stone-red colour, cloudy because of the used wheat beer. A compact head.
Scent: Strong presence of the strawberry bouquet.
Flavour: Very mild, sweet fruity beer, with an excellent balance between sweet and sour (a result of the fruit used). This makes the beer very enjoyable to drink.

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