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Kasteel Donker

Type: Top Fermentation
Colour: Riche Dark brown
Alcohol: 11% Bottle: 33cl
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A rich dark red-brown beer that is very dense, with a small beige head. Kasteel Bruin (also referred to as Kasteel Donker) does not have a strong nose, instead has subtle hints of coffee and chocolate.

Full, rich and smooth, with a balance of wheat ness nicely balanced by bitter. High alcohol content, but not too dominant. Long and smooth with a slightly bitter finish. A very nice and well balanced dark brown beer.

Kasteel History

In 1075 Robrecht de Fries, the Count of Flanders, built a castle on the ruins of a monastery inhabited by English monks in 640 (hence the place name : Anglomonasterium).

On account of its strategic position, at the gates of West Flanders, along the Mandel river, at a junction on the strategic road between Courtrai and Bruges, Ingelmunster was called ‘the key to Flanders’. The present building which goes back to 1736 (with cellars dating from the Middle Ages), is typical of its period, a time when castles had lost their military function. They were luxurious residences, a place where hospitality and good taste went hand in hand. The seigneury of Ingelmunster, which has been a baronetcy since the end of the 16th century, has belonged to several families :

  1. Under the counts of Flanders, including among others de Rhodes and van Gistel (1000 – 1384)
  2. Under the Dukes of Burgundy, German and French families, and more particularly the Bourgondi and van Kleef families (1384 – 1583)
  3. The de Plotho family (1583 – 1825)
  4. The de Montblanc family (1825 – 1986)
  5. In 1986 the castle was bought by the Van Honsebrouck family, who have been brewing in Ingelmunster since 1900.
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