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La Corne Triple

Type: Top-Fermentation
Colour: copper-blond
Alcohol: 10% Bottle: 33cl
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La Corne Tripel pours a hazy deep amber that is topped by a compact yet fluffy head, served in its own glass this is a really attractive beer.

Aroma is bready and yeasty with a sweet caramel note, also a light citrus edge along with a floral / herbal twang, alcohol is also there on the finish – a very promising start.

Taste is dry and malty (almost earthy) yet also packed with an apricot / citrus fruitiness, mildly sweet, spicy and well carbonated with a definite bitterness in the finish.

Both glass and contents top notch, a match made in heaven. Silver medal in 2011 at the World Beer Contest held in Strasbourg.

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