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Type: Mixed-fermentation of ale yeast & microflora
Colour: Dark Red
Alcohol: 5.1% Bottle: 33cl
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Young Rodenbach is mixed with Rodenbach that has matured at least 2 years in oak casks. An art of master-tasters with the patience of a saint. The enormous amounts of old Rodenbach stored in the fresh infinity of cellars in oak casks, are followed up with great attention.

This naturally matured beer, full, tingling dark and rich of flavors will be mixed with the young Rodenbach. A solemn moment when the master-tasters and his staff declare the lively brunette, full of natural charm, ready for consumption.

The Rodenbach you serve… you prefer to serve as a thirst-quencher at 4°C, for tasting at 8 to 12°C (according to season and preference). Use a pure original Rodenbach glass (rinsed with lots of water, not wiped dry). Keep the glass slightly slanted an pour in slowly down the side of the glass. When the glass is half-full straighten in one go and serve the rest of the bottle from a somewhat higher distance.

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